Sweden's IC Worship Releases 'Wohoo (Jesus Is Alive)'

Jul 13 2022

IC Worship, a worship collective based at the International Church in Jonkoping, Sweden, have just released a single called 'Wohoo (Jesus is Alive)', available now on all streaming platforms.

"Wohoo started with my pastor walking around and singing a phrase over and over again: 'wohoo, Jesus is alive!' wherever he went. We decided to sit down together and write a song from it and piece by piece it took shape.

The 'Wohoo' is like a childlike hallelujah that just won't die. It's a celebration of eternal childhood with the Father, despite the circumstances. Simplicity in the midst of a complex existence. It gets stuck on repeat in your head just like a never-ceasing hallelujah.

When I started working on this song I early got these kinds of images; of Christians during persecution, throughout history, and in the modern age, whom the devil desperately tries to silence and oppress, but he can never take away the simple song of praise in their hearts, so that even on the way to the gallow, they will just like Steven, look to heaven, see Jesus and rejoice. I pray that the song will lighten heavy hearts and be like an infectious hallelujah."

IC Worship started in 2011 and released its first single the same year. Their dream and passion are to see people touched by the love of God through the songs. It is music inspired by heaven!

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