NOT ASHAMED Release Christian Rock Single 'In Spirit and Truth'

Aug 04 2022

Nashville, TN based band NOT ASHAMED have released their debut Christian rock single 'In Spirit and Truth'. "Jesus said to the woman at the well, 'God is spirit, and those who worship him must worship in spirit and truth'. This is a song about that", explains the band.

"We were very blessed to receive over 40,000 views on our music video since it was released (3/15) and over 200,000 streams across all platforms."

With powerful vocals, real drums, heavy bass, anthemic guitar solos along with face melting saxophone and Hammond B3 licks, every song on NOT ASHAMED's self titled album takes the listener on a journey into experiences outside the realm of cut and dried CCM. From the rock / funk remake of Step By Step to the over the top energy of the title track, to the quirky, catchy Good Day that is sure to be come a staple of every morning radio show broadcast, to the powerful highland worship of In Spirit and Truth, Not Ashamed will leave the listener out of breath but hitting the replay button again and again to hear it one more time!

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