Building Upon Her Mental Health & Suicide Prevention Platform Amy Mcallister Releases 'God Dreams For Me'

Aug 02 2022

Continuing upon her platform of making a difference and using her voice to champion change for Mental Illness and Suicide Awareness, Amy McAllister releases, "God Dreams For Me" the title track off her new album, featuring songs from the heart, that are healing for the soul.

Amy is a singer/songwriter and performer whose unwavering faith, love, and passion to help bring healing to the world, is not only at the core of her songwriting, it is simply who she is, and who she was born to be. Her music and healing platform bring healing to people all over the world who are hurting, in recovery, suffering the loss of a loved one, lost upon their path, and/or depressed, and most importantly, those who are having thoughts of ending their life, and are in need of the encouragement to find their reason to stay.

Through this song, Amy shares her belief that God has a dream for each one of us and His dream is always grander than anything we could ever dream for ourselves. She wrote it in hopes of inspiring others to never give up and never stop believing, because even the struggles, failures and detours in our life are gifts upon the journey of living God’s biggest dream for us.

"The most powerful and prolific part of this song is, it touches you right from the start, as she sings “I could never imagine what was coming my way. I never thought to ask for it, in all the prayers that I’ve prayed.” It is a powerful statement, that sometimes we do not necessarily get what we pray for, we get something better, something we could have never imagined, and we end up exactly where God wants us to be. It is also a lyric about surrender and trusting God and the higher power within." ~Kristina Mondo Radio Airplay

Amy McAllister is a lover of faith, family, and friends who was born to be a part of the music, self-discovery, and healing industries. Given her dedication to "paying it forward," Amy always says “yes” to her music and resources supporting a cause, no matter how large or small the platform. She reaches out whenever and wherever possible, making a difference worldwide, by supporting many philanthropic causes and charities. Her latest platform and music dedicated to Mental Health, and Suicide Awareness and Prevention.

Borrowed from one of her original hit songs, Amy's mantra is "Shoot For The Moon, You'll Land Among The Stars." She has a passion for helping people through life's toughest challenges and inspiring them to live their biggest dreams. Yes, Amy’s biggest dream is that everyone gets to live theirs. She wants everyone to succeed, and she truly intends to continue shining her own light, while helping others shine their brightest too.

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