B.E.R.I.D.O.X. Releasing 'They Forgot About Me' Featuring Classmaticc

Aug 11 2022

B.E.R.I.D.O.X., a CHH Artist who has been in ministry for 20+ years, releases a new single that is dropping on Friday, August 12th on all streaming platforms, called 'They Forgot About Me featuring Classmaticc'.

"In the present world where the masses are now taught to seek attention and praise from others, emotions and imaginations can run wild, even affecting the mindset and hearts of Believers in Christ Jesus whereas we might believe that no one is there for us", he explains.

"Not realizing that life itself presents so many difficulties in each person’s life that they don’t have time for close friends like they used to, that over time can cause little to no communication amongst friends if it is not monitored. That lack of communication is sometimes used by satan and can trigger thoughts of loneliness and depression for individuals. One might begin to believe others have truly forgotten about them. In this song Beridox and Classmaticc touch on those emotions and feelings and reminds us that God’s Love is there for us, and to make sure we all apply energy and effort to love one another and be there one for another despite the challenges of life."

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