Les Carlsen Releases Solo Christian Rock Single 'He's Coming'

Aug 19 2022

Les Carlsen, who has been the lead singer/co-writer of the Christian Heavy Metal band, BLOODGOOD, for 37 years, has released his new single 'He's Coming'. The moody introduction, driving rhythm and arena rock chorus will guarantee 'He's Coming' a place on every rocker's playlist.

His songs such as, "Crucify", "Messiah", and "Lamb of God" have reached 1000's of people with the gospel message and remain classics in the Christian Rock genre to this day. Les has a legendary reputation for hitting and holding high soaring notes, for dramatic interpretations of the lyrics, and for the raspy tone that makes his voice so unique. He carries on his passion for music and calling for ministry in this solo venture.

Les Carlsen started his career as a singer/songwriter in Northwest dance bands in the mid 60’s. After a lengthy run in the Seattle company of the Broadway musical, “Hair”, the show moved to Miami where Les was cast as “Woof”. When the show took to the road, Les landed the lead role of “Claude”. It was on this 18 month long tour that he met his future wife, Joyce.

At the show’s close, they married and settled in the Seattle area where they started a band that played the West Coast club circuits. The band recorded 3 albums of all original music, was featured in a 6-show syndicated series in Italy, and shared the stage with bands such as Heart, The Beach Boys, BB King, Three Dog Night, Quiet Riot and Steppenwolf.

At the peak of the band’s success, as they were in negotiations for a record deal, the Lord changed Les’s heart and his direction. He dropped out of the night club scene and gave up his ambition for a recording career to the Lord. Les started roofing houses and leading worship along with his wife at their home church. Several months later, the Lord gave music back to Les when he was asked to be the lead singer in “BLOODGOOD”, one of the premier Christian Heavy Metal bands.

Over the years, Les has recorded and performed with many notable Christian Rock bands, but remained dedicated to BLOODGOOD since 1985. Recently, however, due to medical issues putting a pause on the band's recording and performing, Les is now doing a solo album set for release in 2022.

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