Indie Christian Rock Artist BLKGRYWHT Enters Music with Two New Singles

Sep 26 2022

New artist Brooklyn Sheppard, under the stage name “BLKGRYWHT” received her start on the music scene with the release of the new single, “Worth the Wait”, released on the afternoon of Sunday, August 28th, preceding the recent release of the newest single, “When I Turn My Eyes To Heaven”, on Sunday, September 26th.

Both songs were distributed independently. With the first of the two having a song runtime lasting 2 minutes and 42 seconds of listening time, “Worth the Wait” features guitar riffs and an accompanying story reminiscent of throwback Pop Rock hits. The latter, 3 minutes and 10 seconds of listening time, with “When I Turn My Eyes To Heaven” featuring more of an alternative rock style utilizing electronic influences and aesthetic riffs and hooks.

BLKGRYWHT proves to be an interesting take on Christian rock, incorporating themes of vulnerability and being true to your feelings into her songs. This unique focus provides an interesting approach to the goal of promoting better emotional health and intimacy between close friends and strangers alike.

“Worth the Wait” describes a few of BLKGRYWHT’s personal anecdotes of frustrating events in her life, and her overall resolve to put her faith in God to deliver the unexpected. “When I Turn My Eyes To Heaven” uses altering focus between synth and guitar riffs to illustrate conflicting emotions of wavering in the midst of distress and ultimately finding solace after relinquishing control in Christ.

Both songs were brought to life with the help of Indie Christian producer Bryan Boliver, giving BLKGRYWHT a strong start and a plethora of pathways for her to go down, leaving many to wonder where this new artist will go next.

BLKGRYWHT is expected to release her next new single in the following month, and to distribute the current new single to many popular streaming platforms including Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music, and more in the coming days.

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