'Hope Says' From Consumed By Fire Is Out Now With An Acoustic Video

Oct 16 2022

Red Street Records announces the newest song from Consumed By Fire. "Hope Says" is out now. Accompanied by an acoustic video (view below), the song follows their current radio single, "First Things First," which was released over the summer and was their first since signing with the label.

With "Hope Says," the band of brothers - Caleb, Josh, and Jordan Ward - found themselves in a time of desperation. “This song was birthed during a time when our hope was seriously being tried every day," they explain. "Our time spent in the hospital with our dad had racked up to 15 months. We know that the voice of circumstances can be crazy loud, but we believe that hope has a voice as well." Through an upbeat tempo and relatable lyrics, Consumed by Fire hopes "Hope Says" becomes an anthem to encourage others while honoring their late father, as this song was a favorite of his.

Consumed By Fire plans to release an EP in early 2023. They will also take their songs on the road this fall.

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