J.Walker of TLD Releases 'The Rock'

Nov 16 2022

J.Walker of TLD has released his new single 'The Rock', available now on all streaming platforms.

It’s become common to hear people talk about self-doubt, anxiety and a general struggle to deal with day-to-day life. We often lack confidence in ourselves and that’s OK because as Christians we don’t need to have confidence in ourselves, we’re supposed to put our trust in God.

‘The Rock’ is a direct reference to Jesus. J.Walker says, “As we head into winter and things get darker and colder people often struggle more. I wanted to take the idea of Jesus being the rock and give things a bit of a summer beach vibe and feel. I want you to have that feeling of the waves just splashing across the rocks and knowing everything’s all good.”

The song is all about our relationship and trust in God. The chorus references reaching out to God knowing that he’d grab your hand if you were drowning or in danger. It challenges the doubts that people will experience over whether God will be there for them in their darkest moments.

There are some repeated mantras that run throughout the track like ‘You know that you got the truth’ and ‘You know that you got the proof.’ These work as reminders that confidence in God is better than confidence in self.

The project was produced by J.Walker of TLD who also raps on the track. The track is the latest release from (The Lion’s Den) label.

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