Recording Artist Marvinetta Clay & LeRae Records Celebrate Debut Radio Single, 'God Is So God,' with Release Party in Las Vegas

Dec 28 2022

Recording artist Marvinetta Clay and her label, LeRae Records, are basking in the afterglow of a record release party that morphed into a worship service.

When the label recently honored Marvinetta with a single release party at Hamburger Mary’s in Las Vegas, Nevada, industry executives and fans joined together to celebrate her debut radio single, “God Is So Good." Few in attendance were prepared to have church, but that’s exactly what happened.

Casting director and film producer Kim Flowers hosted the event, which featured music from Marvinetta, along with fellow LeRae Records recording artists Jack Yates and Fate Kent, who co-wrote her new single, a silky-smooth, jazz-inflected, Gospel-Urban Contemporary synthesis that effectively showcases Marvinetta’s rich, passionate vocals as they imbue the song with a soaring spiritual burst of energy.

“The evening was a dream that came true,” mused LeRae Records' founder, president, and CEO, Rev. Wilfred Moore, more commonly known as Pastor Wil. Everyone in the room gathered with much conversation, food, and merriment as they waited for the show to begin. As the lights were lowered, a soft hush came over the room, as we all waited with expectancy to meet the star of the show... Marvinetta Clay! The atmosphere was delightful. People were mingling with one another and there was a strong spirit of love and unity in the air.”

“And then the atmosphere changed as Marvinetta ministered to us under the power of the Holy Spirit." continued Pastor Wil. "People were standing up, rendering much applause and praise to God, shouting out 'He’s good…. My God is so good!' Even after the song was done, the audience kept singing a cappella. “Oh…so good!”

“The celebration was remarkable, exciting, and blessed,” said Marvinetta. “I am humbled by the experience of seeing those who came to enjoy the music leave with an experience of a lasting, impressive move of God in that place.”

Host Kim Flowers was effusive with her praise as the evening ended. “I'm so grateful to have been present at such an outstanding event!” she declared. "The artists on the LeRae label are truly anointed. Marvinetta is absolutely marvelous, Fate Kent has the voice of change, and it goes without saying that Jack's gift from God is on another level.”

“Congratulations, Marvinetta!” said Jack Yates. "You have done what great artists do. You have taken this song to an incredibly high level. You’ve convinced us that God is so good!”

Fate Kent added, “What an emotional night full of gratitude and blessings. To God be all the glory!”

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