Blog: LTTM Album Awards 2022 - No. 10: Joshua Webb - Kingdom Rap (Reimagined)

Jan 25 2023

Voted in at Number 10 in the LTTM Album Awards 2022 is 'Kingdom Rap (Reimagined)' from Joshua Webb.

Title:Kingdom Rap (Reimagined)
Artist:Joshua Webb
Released:01 Aug 2022

Track Listing:
1. Champion (feat. Saint Klutch & Eric Castiglia) [rock Mix]
2. Stomp If Ya Standing (feat. Switchman) [gladiator Remix]
3. Hating On Me (feat. Switchman) [kingdom Banger Mix]
4. Explosive (feat. L-ganhs) [old Skool Remix]
5. Lost Souls (feat. Ramina Webb) [ghosts In The East Remix]
6. Reach For The Cure (feat. Seanie Ranz & Rhea Elle) [powerplay Lab Mix]
7. Nothing In This World (feat. Switchman, God's Baby Girl & Arlea) [eman's Summer Mix]
8. We Can Make A Change (feat. Ramina Webb & Dee Rooki) [like This Like That Remix]
9. I Can't Get My Head Around You (powerplay House Mix)
10. Rock The House (powerplay Remix)
11. Society Is A War Zone (feat. Janna Cachola) [emt V Powerplay Remix]

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