Blog: LTTM Album Awards 2022 - No. 6: Jonathan David & Melissa Helser - The Land I'm Livin In' - DAY ONE (Live)

Jan 31 2023

Voted in at Number 6 in the LTTM Album Awards 2022 is 'The Land I'm Livin In' - DAY ONE (Live)' from Jonathan David & Melissa Helser.

Title:The Land Im Livin In - DAY ONE (Live)
Artist:Jonathan David & Melissa Helser
Released:21 Jan 2022
DOVE Award winning husband and wife duo Jonathan and Melissa Helser have released the first part of their latest album The Land I’m Livin’ In. Recorded over the course of three days in North Carolina, the deeply personal album was created on the land the Helser’s have spent the last two...
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Track Listing:
1. I Am Your Beloved
2. Running Home (spontaneous)
3. I Lose My Ability
4. We Make Space
5. Father Of Jesus

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