Tina Boonstra Releases 'If I Could' Single Ahead of Debut Album

Feb 24 2023

Tina Boonstra is set to release the next single 'If I Could' from her debut album 'Circle back, start again.’ on February 24th.

IF I COULD, the third track from Tina's debut album "CIRCLE BACK, START AGAIN." (out on Friday April 28th 2023) is a haunting and poignant anthem about the helplessness of grief. One in four parents experience the loss of a baby and yet, we often struggle to find the words to express our pain.

In the waiting room sitting next to someone you love, you feel every good thing in your life slowly slip away. There’s nothing you can do to stop the clock, to press pause, events keep pressing forward, people enter, others leave. You move further up the list. Now you’re in the doctors’ office, they’re talking, you know because their lips are moving. And you’re trying to listen, but all you hear is your heartbeat punching through your chest, blood rushing through your ears.

You see the weight of it, before you feel it. Like watching a car crash in slow motion, there’s nothing you can do to stop it, you know what’s next. It’s happening to you, but worse it’s happening to her. And you can’t save her, or protect her, or soften the blow. And you feel, for the first time in your life, utterly helpless.

In a world where we're told that anything can be fixed, "IF I COULD" confronts the heart-wrenching reality of grief and asks us to sit with the pain, to weep for what is lost, and to hope for better days, even as tears flow.

Rising independent artist Tina Boonstra's debut album, CIRCLE BACK, START AGAIN, is a collection of stories inspired by family legends, conversations with friends, and encounters with strangers. Tina's music has been praised for its honesty, bravery, and emotional depth, capturing the full range of human experiences from vulnerability and doubt to love and friendship. Ambitious in its scope and sprawling in its emotional complexity, her debut album tenderly asks; what do we do when life doesn't go the way we expect?

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