Cade Thompson Releases New Track And Video Today For 'Good God'

Feb 27 2023

Red Street Records’ recording artist Cade Thompson releases his brand new song “Good God” along with an accompanying music video, available everywhere today. This upbeat, energetic track is an anthem of gratitude and positivity as it sings, It’s gonna be a good day / ‘Cause I got a good, good God / No matter what comes my way / Seasons always change / But He’s a good God / He’s a good, good God.

“Good God” will be Thompson’s upcoming radio single following his successful “Arms of Jesus,” which has gained more than 11 million lifetime streams since June. Co-written by Thompson, Jess Cates, and Carter Frodge and produced by AJ Pruis, “Good God” offers a message of optimism that leads listeners into an encouraging spirit of appreciation of God’s kindness.

Thompson shares, “The lyrics in my song ‘Good God’ combined with the energy in the music both reflect the confidence and joy we can all have in God's promise, that through the highs and the lows of life, we can still rest in the goodness of God and walk in His amazing love, mercy, and grace. The character of our good God does not change despite our circumstances.”

Travis Flynn directed the video, showcasing the track’s colorful, spirited visuals that provide an unmatched representation of Thompson’s message behind the song.

Red Street’s A&R Director Kevin Rooney applauds the track sharing, “What a big song! ‘Good God’ really reminds me of the complete unapologetic gratefulness that I felt as a young Christian. This song challenges the listener to see the ways God is actively moving in our lives. Cade gives this song such an energetic and infectious performance that is sure to brighten your day!”

Backed by his powerful new music, Thompson hits the road this year with dates booked around the nation. Fans can connect with him live through a compilation of solo shows, major festival dates, and direct support for the GRAMMY-nominated Christian rock band Newsboys.

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