Chris Shackleton Releasing 'Home is where the heart is'

Mar 17 2023

Independent artist and worship leader from Crewe Chris Shackleton releases new album 'Home is where the heart is', available from 21st April on most streaming platforms.

Following on from 4 single releases in 2022, Chris's new 8 track album centres around the theme of home. "We've all spent alot more time at home over the last few years" says Chris "but is home more than just the places where we live?"

Across the 8 tracks Chris invites us to consider where we are and where we are going, all the while responding to the God who made us and calls us into His presence wherever we are.

"I got quite obsessed with The Band while I was recording these songs so i was trying to sound a bit like them in my own way, a friend of mine after listening to the album described it as raw and charming!"

Chris joked that this could be the best review he's ever had and admits that the album sometimes does sound a bit like a piano falling down the stairs, but nevertheless this collection of songs he thinks are some of his best work and they point us to the God waiting to meet us, ever calling us to a home with Him.

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