Aussie Singer Songwriter John Newsome Releases 'Not Giving Up'

Mar 22 2023

John Newsome is an Indie Aussie Singer song-writer. His warm vocals and rich acoustic guitar bring uplifting anthems that tell stories of love and beauty, family, and faith through the seasons of life. John's songs have captivated and inspired many to find goodness and strength in their everyday lives. His songs have won international awards, and achieved national recognition on Australian Music Charts.

After turning heads with his first two singles - 'Home' (2020) and 'Lightning' (2021) - John Newsome is back with 'Not Giving Up' - a song that will provide you with a much-needed boost of energy, courage, and resiliency. Newsome says he wrote this hopeful, guitar driven 134bpm tune for someone “very dear” to him.

“In the middle of their pain, Not Giving Up paints a picture that declares a hope and a future over them that they weren’t able to see for themselves at the time of their pain,” John says.

“My hope is that Not Giving Up will bring strength for others who need to know someone in their world won’t give up on them,” Newsome adds.

"We are currently in the final stages of post production of a new 5 track EP", he writes on his website. "I'm a bit excited about it! It was recorded at "The Base" in Melbourne back in September 2022 (with a few additional parts in my own home studio). It was produced by Jared Haschek (Compliments of Gus) and mixed by Phil Threlfall..who is a legend in sound craft!

In a unique first for me, the songs were recorded "live" with everyone playing together in the one room. This has produced a more "rockier" sound.
It also has real live strings on it. It sounds lush! I think all of the songs are very radio friendly."

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