Holly Dayle Releases 'Joy Changes Things'

Apr 17 2023

Holly Dayle, a female Christian artist with a passion for creating uplifting and inspiring musi, recently released her latest single, "Joy Changes Things". Stream it here!

"'Joy Changes Things' is a song that reflects my deep faith and personal journey", explains Holly. "It's a celebration of the transformative power of joy, and how it can change our perspectives and circumstances, no matter how challenging they may seem. The song features upbeat vocals, catchy melodies, and faith-filled lyrics that I believe will resonate with your audience and inspire them."

Singer / Songwriter classically trained Holly Dayle is versed in extensive vocal technique. "The vocal discipline allows me to sing any genre or style with strength, breath control, proper body balance and posture to produce a great sound. During my journey in life, I have learned that we are all both physical and spiritual. Music like nothing else is the union of these two dimensions of self. When I am composing music, my voice and soul is working with the Creator, forming melody and lyric 'right out of thin air'."

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