Jason Fowler Celebrates Redemption With New Single 'I Used To Be'

May 12 2023

Jason Fowler, a Christian Music Artist from Atlanta, Georgia, releases his new song 'I Used To Be', written by Jason Fowler and Ian Eskelin.

Jason's new song is about a new life that can be had when we come to the end of ourselves and give our life to Christ. 'I Used To Be' is about all the things that came before we made Jesus the Lord of our life. We were broken, lost, hurt and clinging to the things and ideas of the world... then came grace through a committment to Christ.

As the lyrics say, "I was lost and found. Mercy holds me now. I’m here to tell ya I finally reached the end of me. I’m no longer who I used to be." We are no longer in chains to our sin and shame, but we have victory, peace, mercy and grace through our Savior.

"This means that anyone who belongs to Christ has become a new person. The old life is gone; a new life has begun!" 2 Corinthians 5:17

Just read the lyrics to any of your favorite Led Zeppelin, The Allman Brothers Band, Peter Gabriel, or U2 tunes and chances are you would be quite familiar with Jason Fowler’s life story. The Georgia native has lived a life that truly reflects his art - troubled to some, enviable to many and yet remarkable to most anyone who hears the soft-spoken musician recount it. Fowler admits that his diehard, all-or-nothing approach to life has sometimes been both a blessing and a curse. But lately, it’s all been a blessing.

That wasn’t the case at the start of his musical journey. Living a rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle eventually caused the artist to hit rock bottom. “At rock bottom,” Jason says, “That's where I began recovering from a place of hopelessness.” He adds, “It is also where I discovered that it was not God who left me, but I who left Him.” He went from a rising star with a lucrative record contract, to being addicted and homeless on the streets of Atlanta, to finding redemption through Grace - and now he shares that story through his music.

Fowler has shared the stage with such acts as For King and Country, We Are Messengers,Unspoken, Switchfoot, and the list goes on. 2021 was a great year with the release of several singles and an extensive tour schedule. Jason is currently working with Dove winning and Grammy nominated producers Ian Eskelin (Francesca Battistelli, 7eventh Time Down), Barry Weeks, and Billy Smiley on his third solo album slated for a late 2023 release. With several top charting singles already released, Fowler’s new album will be sure to show his versatility and talents for crafting songs with epic melodies telling the stories of hope, recovery and redemption.

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