Cliff G Releases New Single 'Celebrate Pentecost'

May 17 2023

Christian singer/songwriter Clifford Griffith, aka Cliff. G. has released his single 'Celebrate Pentecost'. Clifford, who sings and plays guitar, previously played in two Christian bands in the 1980s, Galilee then Spirit Level.

"I wrote this song about eight years ago", he explains about 'Celebrate Pentecost'. "The song is about the ‘One Church.’ The Church that was born on the Day of Pentecost. There were no denominations just followers of ‘The Way’ (The Church) meeting in each other’s homes celebrating salvation and feeding one another on The Word which is inspired by 2 Timothy 3:16.

This song is to remind ALL denominations that we ALL are trying to live a life according to what Christ Jesus has called us to be and do. If we Celebrate Pentecost together, we can learn to use our differences as a positive force to win lost souls to Jesus.

The release of this song comes from an invitation from my church to perform a song on Pentecost."

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