Elikem Kofi Releases 'What I Want'

May 22 2023

Elikem Kofi's long-awaited masterpiece, "What I Want," has finally arrived, and this time, he's teamed up with the dynamic Ojih, whose sound is simply out of this world.

This uplifting tune is a soul-stirring tribute to the Almighty, brimming with infectious beats, spellbinding melodies, and motivational lyrics that will invigorate your soul.

In "What I Want," Elikem beckons us to unite our voices in adoration and gratitude to God, who has guided us through life's storms and challenges. With its effervescent energy that will make you want to leap and dance in His presence, this song is the perfect tribute to faith and optimism.

So, don't wait any longer; stream "What I Want" now and immerse yourself in this musical masterpiece.

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