Saved By Grace Release 'The Nashville Recordings' EP

Jul 10 2023

Saved By Grace releases their studio EP recorded at Omni Studios Nashville, The Nashville Recordings. This five-track project was a product of hard work but most of all faith.

Daniel Olson a pastor and lead man of the band had this to share regarding the story of this project's creation, " Each of these songs, as was the case with the songs of our 1st album, were inspired by the Holy Spirit.

I truly believe meeting Dean Miller, of Dean Miller Entertainment, was too and was also the connection to OmniSound Studios. I often say I'm just a vessel with a pen in my hand. I make sure our lyrics are scripturally sound and remain true to God's Word. Our goal is to use music to help spread the good news of the Gospel. I feel these 5 songs accomplish that well. My hope is that they are heard by a great number of people around the World, especially those who aren't familiar with the Gospel message."

Saved By Grace is a band that was relatively unknown in their home town when Dean Miller discovered them on social media and graciously invited them down to Nashville to record. Since then, they have gained traction in their home town Erie, Pennsylvania and are hosting a Christian music festival next month. The Nashville Recordings also attracted the multi-national record label Bless Up Records, who signed the band to a management contract earlier this year.

Daniel Olson also had this to add, "From the first beat of the drum of our anthem "American Revival" to the last note of "Closer to Jesus", the listener will go on a journey. Those who listen will better understand what a rewarding relationship with Jesus is like. They will also come to appreciate what God provides for us as an escape from Satan's strongholds."

Saved By Grace is just getting started, with many live performances and benefits planned for the rest of the year they intend to expand their reach across America and thereafter Worldwide, spreading their message of the Gospel, all the while inspiring people to be better.

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