Trim Announces Brand New Release 'Resolve'

Jul 21 2023

Trim’s upcoming release “Resolve” is an exciting new album from the Wiltshire and Berkshire based Pop/Rock band which releases on Friday 4th August. The new album tackles big subjects like addiction, self-worth, love and second chances.

The album was written during lockdown whilst the group’s lead singer Chris Trim was put on furlough. Since writing began, Chris has become a father of two and moved from his hometown of Reading to the City of Salisbury.

Trim is an originals band from Wiltshire & Berkshire UK lead by Chris Trim. Trim’s signature sound is Pop/Rock with helpings of indie and blues. Chris has a heart for story telling lyrics, and melodies that capture you in the moment. From soft, heartfelt whispers to explosive roars of emotion; Chris’ voice will hit you with passion and grace.

Following Trim’s debut EP in July 2018, 2019 saw Trim release a full live Album. The band are now putting out their third release - a full (studio) album (available on hard media, and releasing on streaming platforms on the 4th August)

“Doll House... serve that with a side of mash because it is a BANGER.” - Daniel Quill, Trim Fan

“Trim gives you hints of Black Keys, Ed Sheeran, Kings of Leon, and something you've never heard before!” - Alison Chalmers, Trim Fan

“Next time, could you create some less catchy songs please, they refuse to leave my head!
Dude, that was absolutely awesome. Thank you” - Matthew Edwards, Trim Fan

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