Christian Music Project -Psalmist- Releases 'The Sound of Forgiveness'

Aug 22 2023

Independent Christian music project -Psalmist- has released an album titled 'The Sound Of Forgiveness', available on streaming platforms now.

"I have been saved for just over 9 years. I met Jesus when I was 29 years old. I was raised to life in Jesus and into true salvation and translated into the Kingdom of God, and delivered out of serious drug addiction", explains Jeff, the artist behind the project.

"I eventually got the opportunity to purchase an acoustic guitar (I had grown up playing in bands, but hadn't owned an instrument for a few years prior to getting saved) to help with a mission trip to Mexico. This began a journey into music as a believer.

I found that the Spirit inspired me in songs, as if it was my job to figure out songs that already existed or something. I would pray a lot about it through the years. In 2019 I was given a very specific and powerful word about my music and the importance of continuing in it. It was given to me when attending a church I'd never been to and at which I did not know the people. It was for sure an encouragement from the Lord and confirmation.

I then set out and bought some stuff for recording. I have learned a lot. Releasing a couple things a long the way under the -Psalmist- title. This release, The Sound Of Forgiveness, was all recorded at my house, in our living room, on a laptop and a two channel interface. It had some rough spots on it, especially the drums. A friend at Rio Grande Studios helped me mix the recording better and get more out of them. I played nearly all of the instruments (including drums, which I'm not a drummer haha - you may hear that fact). There are some blemishes and things of that nature Anyhow, It has taken a year and a half to finish it, but I'm overall happy with it and look forward to see what the Lord does with it."

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