Pure Lyricz Releases 'Bad News'

Sep 19 2023

Pure Lyricz, the artist formerly known as Steven Silva, hailing from the culturally vibrant birthplace of hip-hop, The Bronx, is passionately dedicated to advancing the Kingdom of God through his music. His latest track, "Bad News," is available now on all streaming platforms.

His journey has been one deeply rooted in the art of rap, which served as both a refuge and a canvas for expression during his formative years. Beginning his lyrical journey in 1996 at the tender age of 12, he drew inspiration from iconic figures in the industry, including luminaries such as Big Pun, Nas, Eminem, and a host of others.

In the early months of 2021, a profound transformation occurred in Steven's life as he embraced Christianity. Under the divine guidance of his newfound faith, he expanded his horizons to encompass music production, mixing, and mastering, not only for his own compositions but also for fellow artists. This pivotal shift has allowed him to infuse his craft with a spiritual resonance that resonates deeply with his audience.

What sets Pure Lyricz apart is his unique ability to connect with fellow artists on a profound and personal level, stemming from his extensive experience as a performing artist. This authentic understanding and empathetic approach enable him to forge meaningful collaborations, fostering a sense of camaraderie among peers who share his artistic journey. In this way, he continues to be a vital catalyst in advancing the divine message through the powerful medium of music.

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