Christian Autistic Musician Joe Bigalke Releases 'A Friend Above All'

Sep 19 2023

Joe Bigalke, a Christian autistic musician and composer, has just released a single called 'A Friend Above All' featuring the angelic vocals of Anna Filkins, on Rock the Cause Records, a nonprofit dedicated to using music to uplift the global community, and raising awareness to causes.

Joe Bigalke is different from your ordinary Christian contemporary or country music songwriter. His inspiring story has touched the hearts and souls of the songwriting community in Nashville and beyond. Joe has even penned a few songs with Grammy Nominated artists along the way.

Diagnosed with high-functioning autism in 2018, Joe began to understand why he had always been told he had a learning disability, he was often isolated and felt misunderstood. These feelings forged a deep need in Joe to express his love for God and connect with others through the writing and performing of music.

In 2018 he joined the Universal Music Center in his hometown, Redwing, MN, a picturesque midwestern town internationally known for its incredible fall colors and work boots, situated on the banks of the Northern Mississippi River. At the Universal Music Center in Redwing, MN, Joe began to find comradery with other musicians and found mentors to help him hone in his self-taught piano performing and composition skills.

In 2021, Joe sustained a significant traumatic leg injury that required multiple surgeries. One day while staring out his window, he gazed upon the Episcopal Church across the street from him. He marveled at the beautiful sunset on the church, filtered by the haze of Canadian wildfire smoke that the jetstreams had carried into central Minnesota. At that moment Joe began writing his song, “A Friend Above All”, a letter of friendship, trust, and faith in God, whom Joe considers his best friend.

Joe is working towards releasing a full record in 2024 of his most cherished compositions, with a little help from his friends in the Nashville music community and around the globe.

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