Sonya McGuire Releases 'Stronger'

Sep 27 2023

Sonya McGuire's new EP entitled "Stronger" is available now. "Stronger" is one of the most powerful, uplifting, and motivating songs you will hear. It takes you on a journey from pain to power, from power to purpose, and from purpose to ultimately overcoming anything you may find yourself facing.

Sonya McGuire is one of fourteen siblings raised by the late Pastor Harold and Naomi McGuire in Lithonia Georgia. She's a preachers daughter who learned to sing act play instruments, and appreciate music at a very early age. Initially, Sonya chose drums to express her musical creativity and talent. Later, she developed a love for singing, playing keyboard, directing and she quickly became the obvious choice for musical director at her father's church. Her music and direction was inspiring and dynamic. If describing Sonya McGuire in two words they would be atmosphere changing.

Sonya is a multi-gifted international recording artist, songwriter, producer, musician, and former radio personality. She maintains that her grounded upbringing has led her to live a humble life, full of unique global experiences that have inspired her music and writing. While on an international tour, she was blown away when she experienced her music transcend language barriers.

She had just finished ministering through song and a young lady walked up to her with her eyes filled with tears trying to verbally express in her language how much she had touched by her music ministry. It was one of the most heartfelt moments in her music career. She couldn't understand a word Sonya was singing but she felt the presence of God on a level much greater than just words! At that moment, experiencing God transcend language and cultural barriers was like no other. It's those life changing moments in her career that keeps her going and makes it all worth it.

Sonya's passion for music and mission to win souls for Christ is at the heart of her ministry and transcends language, racial and cultural barriers. Sonya shares her gifts by conducting choir workshops, by facilitating conferences, and by participating in music seminars throughout the United States and abroad Sonya has received numerous awards and nominations throughout her career In this next chapter of her career, Sonya expresses the evolution of her artistry by revealing the most intimate chambers of her heart though ministry!

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