Stephen McWhirter Sees Huge Impact With 'Come Jesus Come'

Sep 25 2023

Stephen McWhirter has released his single "Come Jesus Come" , with over 2,000 daily Shazam's. "It was the beginning of the pandemic and like most people, I was home", he explains. "I had opened my Bible, it was at the end of the book of Revelation. Chapter 22 verse 17 says, “the Spirit and the Bride say, come”. I said to myself, wait a minute, the Spirit, that’s God and the bride, that’s you and me, crying out for the return of Christ. In that moment I realized, wait...I’m not good at this.

I wanted to long for him to return like that. I wasn’t thinking, “oh, I hope this is a hit song.” I was really saying Jesus return! So I took the idea of the song to my friend, Bryan Fowler, Hank Bentley and my wife - who also helped. And we all knew it was something special. I released the song on TikTok and overnight it got all these views. I started going live on TikTok and Facebook. I wasn’t selling anything, I wasn’t telling people “hey, go check out my new song, sign up for emails, follow me.” But rather let’s just love people. Let’s build the kingdom, not a platform. And started asking people, “hey, if you want to give your life to Jesus...” And somebody did! Next night, 10 people did. After that, 50 people. And I was like, oh my gosh, this is a thing!"

Stephen Mcwhirter is unswervingly committed to WORSHIPING JESUS and LEADING OTHERS TO HIM. Stephen’s testimony of Jesus taking Him from addiction to redemption is a central part of his ministry. His song, “Come Jesus Come” was #1 in christian songs and albums, and #56 in all genres for several weeks on iTunes. The song has amassed over 22 million views across TikTok, Facebook, & Youtube. At the time of writing this, Stephen has seen over 33,000 people come to Jesus on his TikTok and Facebook live, and thousands more traveling leading worship & sharing the gospel.

"I was a meth addict and wounded preacher’s kid who had a radical encounter with Jesus, over 20 years ago, and haven’t looked back since. Today, I have seen over 31,000 people give their lives to Jesus on my Facebook and TikTok Live Streams, since September of 2022, and more as I travel doing ministry all over the world. With the success of the song “Come Jesus Come,” my following on social media has greatly increased, so I started going live simply worshiping Jesus and leading others to Him. I don’t sell or promote anything on the live streams. I simply worship, share my testimony and the gospel, lead people to confess Jesus as Lord, and then connect them to a link to help with next steps (finding a good church, getting in the bible, prayer, etc.) Please be praying for all these people who have come to Jesus!"

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