Building429's Jason Roy Releases Powerful Single 'Won't He Do It'

Sep 23 2023

Building429's Jason Roy has released his latest single 'Won't He Do It', available on all streaming platforms now. "2022 was the year of change for me", he explains. "My son headed off to college leaving a silence that was far larger than the room that he used to sleep in. I know I’m not supposed to worry, but I did… every second of every day.

Then, out of now where, my daughter became a TV star on American Idol, and dad, the ever confident, felt helpless as he watched his daughter bare her soul through song in front of millions. Haven Madison (Roy) wasn’t afraid to talk about her brothers bouts with suicide, but as a father I was scared to death… what affect would this have on her now thriving brother? I just remember praying “God you’re gonna have to do a miracle here, because I can’t hold all the pieces of this in my hands”. All a father wants to do is protect his children, but the onslaught that came from American Idol was WAY TOO BIG.

The talk wasn’t just about Haven’s songs…. It was centered on the fact that her songs dealt with such heavy matters like suicide, a subject that I was far more comfortable with in the ethereal, non-concrete, sphere. Haven just came right out and told the world what we as a family had been struggling through for the last 4 years. That’s when I began writing this song: “Sling and a stone, A hope and a prayer, When you’re under fire, he’s with you there”. But I didn’t have a chorus yet… sometimes they come in moments, sometimes months later.

In the middle of all of that I was touring with Building429 and speaking at events all over America, then flying red eye’s back and forth to LA to support Haven, checking in on Avery every time my feet touched the ground in Nashville (which was rare). I was literally losing my hearing in my right ear (thanks to all the amplifiers through the years) and feeling like I just couldn’t do it anymore…. That I was not able to keep up. The years of travel, stress, and drama had finally caught up and I felt like I almost couldn’t move. One afternoon I asked a friend to drive me to a coffee shop for a much needed pick me up. Her favorite phrase that afternoon was “WON’T HE DO IT”. At first it seemed random, but the more she said it, the more it became clear…. I needed to hear those words, and that was the Chorus of the song I had started working on so long ago.

When you hear this song I want you to know that you’re not alone when you’re “going through Hell”. I want you to know that God see’s your suffering. The God who did it before will do it again. So you don’t need to wonder whether He will or won’t be faithful again. So when you face the next giant in your life… I pray you’ll walk with confidence and shout the words “Won’t He Do It” as you step into a battle that is already won."

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