Melancholic Maverick K.A.B Launches Debut Musical Odyssey: 'Pause/Reflect'

Dec 01 2023

Embarking listeners on a captivating journey of self-discovery and transformation, K.A.B releases their anticipated debut album, ‘Pause/Reflect’. This diverse sonic exploration offers a seamless blend of heavy, alternative, experimental, and progressive rock music.

Comprising six diverse pieces of music, alongside two single re-workings, K.A.B's debut serves as a solid showcase of their melodiously melancholic, anthemic musical identity. From alternative rock anthem 'Hypocrites' and it’s challenging of societal judgments to the fun-filled groovy twist and turns of 'Never Said' (boasting a massive Biffy Clyro-esque gang-vocal chorus), each track offers a unique sonic experience. Story-driven, progressive rock-inspired tunes 'Break These Chains' and 'The Prisoners Voyage' bring in flavours of Pink Floyd and Porcupine Tree whilst surprises include the pop-hook-driven, multi-layered 'Generation,' complete with spoken word. The heavily instrumental and ethereal title track, unconventionally opens the album, but with no less impact.

K.A.B is the brainchild of visionary musician Kevin Button, who considers himself an ever- apprentice. When not drumming for the female-fronted progressive alt-rock band

‘Vamoosery', Kevin crafts a sound that melds influences of Muse, Steven Wilson, and Metallica, creating a unique musical canvas for his thoughts and contemplations on life. The genesis of K.A.B was a simple venture into amateur songwriting. Reflecting on this, Kevin elucidates that ‘Pause/Reflect’ emerged from a spirit of experimentation with the creative and recording processes primarily unfolding from the confines of a bedroom. This hands-on, do-it-yourself approach, contributes towards a unique and raw sound, yet ultimately showcases a remarkable achievement within the context of home-studio rock recordings. Credit is due to Matt Cotterill of 300 Acre Studios, who mixed the album, playing a pivotal part in bringing the album to its present form. Kevin emphasises the importance of acknowledging the myriad of contributions from numerous exceptionally talented individuals, including the versatile involvement from three other members of Vamoosery.

Kevin unveils ‘Pause/Reflect’ on the back of releasing Vamoosery’s ‘Moving Forward’ just one month prior. Reflecting on the process, Kevin shares: "It's been a lot of work producing two debut albums from two different bands and releasing them around the same time. While this wasn't the initial plan, after numerous unforeseen challenges, right now feels like the best time for both bands to put the music out there, and the response so far has been incredible! If you're a fan of 'Moving Forward,' I think you will dig ‘Pause/Reflect’ just as much. Make no mistake, however, that this is a completely different entity and expression.”

Although distinct projects, 'Pause/Reflect' joins Vamoosery’s 'Moving Forward' in its ability to kindle a distinctive expression of progressive rock, hinting at a shared responsibility for a possible contemporary renaissance of the often misunderstood label. This is exemplified through what Kevin describes as the loosely conceptual approach of ‘Pause/Reflect’:

“Pause/Reflect delves into the tale of a protagonist who finds themselves trapped in a desert of longing, yearning for deeper meaning. A chance encounter with a higher power ignites a transformative journey, as they strive to break free from their captive patterns, experiencing both bliss and turmoil while gazing upon the world they live in. The protagonist's journey is filled with twists and turns, leading to a battle between the old and the new - self vs self. The album serves as a poignant reminder that life extends beyond one’s self, urging listeners to challenge judgment and hypocrisy from within.”

‘Pause/Reflect’, intricately woven with odd time signatures, tranquil motifs, wailing guitars, intricate instrumentation, and melancholic hooks, distinctly sets K.A.B apart within the realm of rock music. With numerous live performances planned for 2024 and a follow-up album already in the works, the launch of "Pause/Reflect" marks a momentous occasion, and K.A.B warmly invites you to be part of this musical journey.

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