'You Are Not Alone' Lays The Foundation For Mats Dernand's Forthcoming Debut Album

Jan 15 2024

With the single "You Are Not Alone", Mats Dernánd sets the tone for his upcoming debut album "Lake Home". "You Are Not Alone is a pop song with folk influences", says Mats. "How to interpret the message in the song is, as usual, very much up to the listener", he continues. "I thought about God's care for us when I wrote the song."

Mats Dernánd from Orebro has been awarded several times in the world's leading songwriting competitions. At the same time is relatively unknown to most people. "My driving force is in what I create", says Mats. "I write and produce music that I myself enjoy listening to. If more people want to listen, that is of course nice. But the most important thing for me is to follow the heart. I am completely driven by desire in my music creation."

Perhaps it is this attitude that makes Mat's music spread a lot. His song catalog ranges from cinematic instrumentals to pop songs like "You Are Not Alone". This time, his usually detailed soundscape has given way to a slimmer sound.

"In the past, I have done most of my songs completely on my own. This time, a number of talented fellow musicians contributed a lot of musical energy. It has allowed me to scale down the soundstage. Although the tempo of "You Are Not Alone" is not very fast, it is still a powerful song."

Lyrically, Mats often returns to life's challenges and how to get through them. You Are Not Alone is no exception. "It is a dark time in the world in many ways. In "You Are Not Alone" there is also a darkness, but above all I want the listener to feel hope", says Mats. "The question “why God?” we rarely get an answer to. But if we instead ask, "Where are you God?" the answer is easy, because God says “I am here.”"

"You Are Not A Lone" is a single for the first album "Lake Home", which will be released on February 29. "I have previously only released a long series of singles since 2017", says Mats. "Releasing an entire album soon feels great fun and about time."

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