Michael J Tinker Launches KickStarter For 10th Anniversary Collection

Feb 01 2024

Michael J Tinker, a Somerset-based singer, songwriter and performer, has launched a KickStarter for an album to celebrate 10 years of making music for families. HIs anniversary collection will feature 25 tracks including 2 brand new songs.

Having done work with a number of award-winning folk artists, Michael has focused on writing Christian music for families. He's now released 6 family albums, 3 folk albums and a recent album exploring grief and hope.

"For 10 years we've been helping children grow in their faith and love of Jesus through Bible-centred songs and zany characters. Will you join us on this journey as we release an anniversary collection of songs? Together we can help more families delight in the good news", says Michael.

!Somehow it's been 10 years since we released the first kids album 'The Rock Went a Rolling'. Since then so much has changed... and yet the fundamental truths we cling to have remained the same.

We've welcomed new characters to the drama, developed the songwriting and production quality, reached 1000's (tens of thousands??) of children, gone digital (it was only on CD to start with!!), produced over 100 daily livestreams during lockdown, created a TV show... but throughout it all the gospel is still the same, the good news we share with families throughout the world.

In that time I've worked with so many incredible people like author Tim Chester, 12 time Grammy Award winner Ron Block, nutty puppeteer Dave Walker, actress Anna Nicholson, comedy writer James Cary, film director Toby Watts, producer Nick Cox to name but a few. I've had a book published by the Good Book Company who also put out the first album, helping share it around the globe.

Thank you to everyone who has been on this journey with us! To celebrate we thought it was time to bring out a 'best of' album. We've chosen the best 23 songs to remaster (and in some cases remix) to give them extra shine. Added to that we're recording two brand new songs and an audio adventure! All packaged together under the title (which has become a bit of a catchphrase, much to Mr Grumpy's annoyance) 'I've Got a Song About That!'"

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