Jermaine Bollinger Releases 'Three'

Mar 19 2024

Jermaine Bollinger steps into a new domain with the release of "Three" to Christian rock radio, marking his inaugural venture into this format. The single, drawn from his latest album "Cre8ion," represents a bold new chapter for Bollinger, blending his seasoned artistry with the energetic vibes of Christian rock.

"Three" is a celebration of the Holy Trinity, encapsulated within the dynamic rhythms and compelling lyrics characteristic of Bollinger’s musical style. This release not only showcases Jermaine's versatility as an artist but also his profound commitment to sharing messages of faith and unity through music. With this single, he invites listeners to explore the depths of divine love, grace, and power, making it a fitting introduction to his work for the Christian rock audience.

Jermaine Bollinger has achieved significant acclaim within the Christian music scene, known for his heartfelt worship songs and chart-topping hits. By releasing "Three" to Christian rock radio, Jermaine aims to reach new listeners and share his vision of faith that transcends musical genres. The song is a vibrant testament to his talent and his mission to inspire through music.

As "Three" is introduced to Christian rock radio today, there is excitement for its reception among stations and listeners alike. This song is not just a single but a powerful declaration of faith and unity that Jermaine believes will inspire a wide audience.

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