Foreword Nation Releases New Single 'Could've Been'

Apr 22 2024

Foreword Nation, a Christian Hip-Hop artist from Miami, Florida, releases new single 'Could've Been', available now on all streaming platforms.

"My main goal in making music is to praise the Kingdom of God and to bring individuals that don’t know Christ, to his presence", he explains. "I try to do this through writing about my faith and struggles that I have faced in my life because I am only here today because of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ."

"This song, Could've Been, is the most heart felt and honest track I have ever written. It is about how the Lord guided me down a path in life that brought me to where I am right now when I could've been."

"I was home going through a depressive state when I felt a tug on my heart and emotions of gratefulness come over me. I immediately grabbed the pen and began writing as tears flowed onto the paper. I was unable to get into the studio that same day but I was in the booth the following day at 12pm.

The main vocals of the track were done on a 1 take as the tears began to once again flow while in the booth. Every word stated on the track is 100% truth. I left it all, every drop of emotion, in the recording for everyone to hear in hopes that it will help at least 1 person realize that they too Could’ve Been, but by the Glory of God, they are not.

We all have a purpose and reason of being here and until we are made known to what that is, only God knows why! I pray the song touches your heart."

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