KJ-52 & Presence Music Band Release 'Down in the River'

Apr 20 2024

Today marks the exciting release of "Down In The River," a soul-stirring single from the renowned Christian artist KJ-52 in collaboration with Presence Music Band. This compelling track is now available to Christian CHR/Hot AC and Christian AC radio stations, delivering a powerful message of faith and renewal.

"Down In The River" features the songwriting talents of Leah and Brandon Monson and Jonah Sorrentino, known as KJ-52. This track extends KJ-52's influential legacy in the Christian music scene, highlighted by his Guinness world record in freestyling and six Dove Awards. The song was produced by Matheus Campos and Alan Locks, with vocal tracking by the legendary 10x platinum producers ZK Productions (Zack Odom and Kenneth Mount), ensuring a sound that is both contemporary and deeply resonant with listeners.

The single, described by listeners as an uplifting experience, encourages reflection and communion with faith through its poignant lyrics. “Down to the river to pray,” repeats the chorus, inviting everyone to seek solace and guidance in their spiritual journey.

KJ-52 brings his signature dynamism to the project, blending seamlessly with the heartfelt worship style of Presence Music Band, a group known for their impactful live performances across the Midwest and beyond. This collaboration promises to be a beacon of hope and an anthem for believers everywhere seeking comfort and inspiration.

"Down In The River" is part of a broader initiative by these artists to use music as a vehicle for faith, drawing from the depths of personal experience and scriptural wisdom to reach audiences across the globe.

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