KDMusic Releases 'Go Into All The World' With Johan Glidden

May 09 2024

KDMusic releases 'Go Into All The World', a new collaboration with the voice of Christian artist Johan Glidden singing the words of Jesus. In this quotation from the Lord his words urge us to - ‘Go into all the world, and proclaim good news’.

"This year May includes Ascension Day, when Jesus said, “Go into all the world…' and Pentecost when it all started. The song is simple and clear, like the Great Commission it shares; a good ‘Therefore' song after adoration, reminding us to obey Jesus & share the Good News with everyone."

"I wrote this one Sunday afternoon for that evening's worship, when we were praying & sending out our young adults", explains Dave Whitcroft of KDMusic. "My son was one of them, heading off to be a ‘tentmaking’ missionary. I didn't want him to go, but was so proud he wanted share the Good News. It was special to sing this song over our church as they all prayed together. I wonder did Jesus feel that way sending the disciples to be His witnesses? "Go Into All The World" stays as close as possible to the two records of Jesus' Great Commission - to all the world, & to every nation."

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