Crimson Overtone invites us to face ourselves with rock single 'Welcome to Nowhere'

May 15 2024

Hard rock group Crimson Overtone is inviting listeners to face themselves with their latest single “Welcome to Nowhere,” their first single released in partnership with Resurrection Records.

“‘Welcome to Nowhere’ speaks to the intense desire to repress painful realities and hide from anything that reminds us of them. Problem is, the truth will always catch up to us no matter how hard we try to hide from it,” the band explains. “Whether it’s dreams and flashbacks triggered by reminders of past trauma, or simply the consequences of our choices coming back to haunt us, the body remembers readily what the mind so willingly forgets. The only way to stop the haunting is to face the truth head-on - but more often than not, the truth hurts, and we would rather go back to ‘nowhere.’”

The song is led by the alternately haunting and ferocious vocals of frontwoman Christina Hagle, who also wrote the song. The track was polished off in the studio by co-producers Evan Eleazer and Rob Edwards of Red Ivory Music Group. The band is releasing the track with start-up label Resurrection Records, who the band connected with through mutual artist friends and a shared vision for truth-centered rock.

“Welcome to Nowhere” offers lyrics that are instantly relatable for anyone who has wrestled with the urge to disassociate as a response to trauma and pain. It’s also an invitation to recognize that we’re running away as a necessary reality check. The chorus is an aching refrain likely to resonate with any listener who has memories they’ve tried to forget:

Lay me down to sleep
Pray the Lord would keep me
Away from all the memories
That numb my heart to nothing
I can’t deny the truth I’ve made,
So I retreat.

In its raw honesty, the song is not without hope. Crimson Overtone offers this reality check as the necessary first step towards healing.

“We hope listeners will walk away from ‘Welcome to Nowhere’ with a sense of introspection about the ways we all hide from the pieces of ourselves we’d rather forget. We want the song to call to mind those difficult truths, and we want to encourage listeners to face their pain rather than continue to run from it,” the band concludes.

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