AWHKN Campaign for Redemption Through Christ With New Project 'The 2020 Album'

May 21 2024

AWHKN (pronounced awoken) is made up of the brothers Bryan, Byron, and Brandon Aguilar. The Sacramento, California based hip hop group is breaking into the Christian hip hop space with their new project The 2020 Album. The purpose behind the project is rooted in what the Body knows as “The Great Commission.”

“This album has a simple message, redemption through Christ.” - AWHKN

The 2020 Album releases to digital streaming platforms on May 13, 2024.

On The 2020 Album, AWHKN showcases their myriad of styles as they blend a wide range of influences to create their unique sound. Elements of classic west coast hip hop, melodic R&B grooves, and Latin heritage flow seamlessly together to create a listening experience that stands out against the current landscape of CHH.

Production on the project features the talents of a collection of producers, including the legendary DJ Pain 1, allowing the Aguilar brothers to display their artistic flexibility and range. A highlight of The 2020 Album is the spoken word samples that are carefully curated to enhance the meaning behind each specific record they are featured on. DJ Dsern also brings his skills on the 1’s & 2’s to the record “The Body,” adding his own style of record scratching to the track.

Much like popular family bands throughout music history, AWHKN stands out with their cohesive sound that is nearly impossible to duplicate without being bonded by blood.

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