Zimbabwean Brothers Release Amapiano Gospel EP

May 27 2024

Celebrate Africa releases melodic fusion of gospel and afro beats in this new EP - Anthems and Africa. If you danced to “Makanaka” or moved your feet to the song “Hallelujah” you’ll love this collection. In a celebration of African spirit and melody, the dynamic Zimbabwean brother trio from Harare, Zimbabwe, who once captivated hearts with their raw performances in parking lots, churches, and orphanages, are now unveiling their collective EP album.

This powerful anthology encapsulates the vibrant movements of Africa and the enchantingly memorable melodies that have become their signature sound. A tapestry of rhythm and harmony, the song tells a story of resilience and hope, echoing the soul of a continent. From humble beginnings to a crescendo of global resonance, this album is not just a collection of songs, it’s a Symphony of collaboration that brings hope a little closer.

“Believe” the first drop of the EP came out as a single in February and quickly streamed to 100K + views on YouTube. The other titles revealed include Always Good, Siyabonga and Sunrise. Join the movement. Feel the melody. Celebrate Africa! “We feel this is our best work yet and cannot wait for people to hear it.” - Says group leader Tommy Deuschle.

Led by four brothers from Zimbabwe, Celebrate Africa "Combines trans-African choirs, unforgettable melodies and hope hitting beats.” Celebrate Africa brings a new sound to the world. A sound that carries inspiration and hope. Songs chiselled from the struggle, hardships and beauty of Africa. The Deuschle brothers began their musical journey. playing in high schools, orphanages, churches, and parking lots around southern Africa. “We didn’t know how to play other people’s songs very well, so we just started to write our own…because we could play those. Living in the broken conditions of a failed economy, music was more effective than speeches. and it lasted a lot longer than a hug. That’s one of the reasons we make music” - Tommy Deuschle.

The African gospel collaborative includes other local writers, composers and producers throughout Africa. The writing and artistry carries the tension of both the “struggle” and “freedom” of life in Africa and points to the ONE who gives true liberty and freedom. Celebrate Africa continues the 35 year legacy of the “Celebration Music” brand started by Bonnie Deuschle.

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