Australian Singer DJ Ray Isaac Releases 'Sacred Heart'

Jun 13 2024

Ray Isaac is an Australian Singer DJ. He recently was called back to Christ and has been working on new Christian music due for release this year. His latest single, 'Sacred Heart', is available on all streaming platforms now.

"In January 2024, I came back to Australia feeling empty and lonely. During mass, given by the Beit Maroun Lebanon Priests and Monks, I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit rush through me. It was Unconditional Love, Forgiveness and Peace. Immediately the energy gave me goosebumps and I began to cry because I knew Jesus was here. He pulled me back home to his Sacred Heart", explains Ray.

"I was so blind by the world even after knowing it could never fulfil me. That day after Mass, I went to confession and I haven't stopped going to church ever since. I still receive the Grace and I have the divine Knowingness that Jesus Loves Me so much as he is my father and I am His Prodigal Son. This song is for you if you have not yet heard him knocking on the door to your heart. You may hear it now and you may go running back to his open arms like I did. God Bless you all."

Ray's messages of Love and Empowerment in his pop music transcends globally. He tours around the USA, UK and Australia. He is a songwriter and wrote Bob Sinclar's Song - 'Feel The Vibe', as well as currently co-writing more pop songs with producers and artists around the world.

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