Reece Lache' Comes Back Stronger with New Single 'Tonight'

Jun 19 2024

Reece Lache' returns with her new single, Tonight, on June 14, 2024, with all the elements needed for a summertime chart-topper.

Holding on to the things that we thought we needed results in missing out on the blessings that we are meant to experience. Tonight is the perfect time to let go and let God. Yes, we may have to survive the trials and separate ourselves from individuals who look to keep us in chains, but the morning brings us joy everlasting. Why not praise Him for his provision?

“Weeping endure for a night, but I told them, ‘I promise, I’m coming back stronger.’ They been waiting on me to pop out. What I’m fighting might take a lil longer.” - Reece Lache’

Back in her bag, fresh off the release of the hit single “Stay Low Remix” (with Wande, Jackie Hill Perry, Toyalove, and Childlike CiCi), Reece Lache’ continues to set the bar when it comes to quality Christian rap. Tonight has the feel of a defining record as Lache’ sees her abilities, as both an artist and a producer, reach a new level.

While the record incorporates what has come to be recognized as Lache’s trademark sound, the sonic polish, applied by Westport Media Collective, is dialed-in in such a way that is sure to be immediately taken notice of by her long-time supporters. With the release of the acclaimed project ‘4 Such a Time’ earlier in the year, it was hard to believe that there could be more growth expected this quickly from the Louisiana native. However, Tonight proves that, when it comes to Reece Lache’, we have yet to dig past the surface.

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