As Cities Burn to release new Studio Album

Mar 25 2009

Following the success of two previous efforts, Louisiana-based As Cities Burn is set to introduce their new studio recording "Hell or High Water" releasing April 21st on Tooth & Nail Records. Track listing below. An exclusive track ("Gates") will also be available on iTunes with the release of "Hell or High Water."

Recorded in Cleveland, TN at First Street Studio over three months, "Hell or High Water," takes the band in a new direction with more focus on creating an ambient and rooted rock sound. Produced primarily by songwriter/lead Cody Bonnette along with the aid of Tyler Orr, Jae Ham, Robert Chisolm and Tyler Schwindt, the album was recorded to sound more similar to the band's live sound.

Track Listing for "Hell or High Water"
1. 84' Sheepdog
2. Errand Rum
3. Into the Sea
4. Made Too Pretty
5. Lady Blue
6. Pretty
7. Daughter
8. Pirate Blues
9. Capo

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