Lincoln Brewster Announces New Album 'Oxygen' After Re-signing With Integrity Music

Jun 17 2014

California-based worship leader Lincoln Brewster has announced the release of his new album, 'Oxygen' on 19th August 2014, after re-signing with Integrity Music.

"I am honored to announce that after 15 years, Integrity Music will continue to serve as the music partner for Lincoln Brewster and his ministry going forward," said C. Ryan Dunham, President of Integrity Music.

Originally signed to the label in the late 90s, Integrity released Brewster's first album, a self-titled debut in 1999 when modern worship music comprised only a small niche within Christian music before becoming the top-selling genre that it is today.

Eight albums later, Brewster has made an indelible impact on modern worship, opening doors at Christian radio for other worship artists with his singles 'Everlasting God', 'Let The Praises Ring', 'Love The Lord', 'Today Is The Day', 'Salvation Is Here', 'The Power Of Your Name' and more.

Looking ahead to August, Brewster and Integrity are preparing for a global release of his new album, 'Oxygen', which is co-produced by Brewster and Colby Wedgeworth and features all new songs penned by Brewster including the project's first radio single, 'Made New'.

"Lincoln is a renowned guitarist, songwriter, artist and worship leader who has produced many great albums and songs," adds Dunham. "But with this new album, Oxygen, people are going to experience a whole new Lincoln Brewster. It's a new sound with a nod to the past and a bold step forward... I believe it is his best album yet."

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