Jars of Clay To Release 'Jars 20' Album Next Month

Jul 18 2014

Jars of Clay will release their "Jars 20" album on 19th August 2014, leaving fans less than three weeks to take advantage of the special Jars 20 Pre-Order offers available on their PledgeMusic page.

"20 years ago, we wrote our first songs together in college, and with the recent release of Inland, we are found grateful for the continued opportunity to share our stories and songs and hear how they connect to yours", explained the band. "After discussing how to celebrate such a moment, we've planned an exciting opportunity with PledgeMusic.

We have decided, in our 20th year, to record your 20 favorite Jars songs in that acoustic fashion. When you pledge, you will not only get the digital album of these 20 songs, but you will also get a vote on what songs make it on the record.

We hope you are as excited as we are for this fan-curated, intimately recorded 20 song favorites album, and we especially hope you can join us here in the Nashville area for our Special Jars 20 Weekend event in September."

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