Blog: Song By Song: Katy Crawford - Our Love Story

Oct 13 2016

In the next installment of our special guest blog series 'Song By Song', Texas-based singer/songwriter and worship leader Katy Crawford shares the inside story of each track from her new full-length album, 'Our Love Story'.

Our Love Story

I wrote “Our Love Story” with the classic love-at-first-sight scenario in mind. However, this love story involves the Lord, who, unlike the human love story, has known His counterpart from the beginning and has loved him/her unconditionally ever since. The song portrays the overwhelming power of God’s love and relationship.


“Magnet” was written during one of the many times when life gets so busy and time and energy are spread so thin between various obligations that the things that should be the most important begin to sufferlike mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. It is a song of returning your focus to God and His amazing ability to pick up the pieces and make you whole.

You Surround Me

“You Surround Me” is about how oftentimes in life we can get tunnel vision focusing on what we want, whether we need it or not, and failing to realize that God’s presence and love are, and always have been, constantly with us. It is about the realization that the frustrations of life suddenly fall by the wayside when we choose to see God’s purpose in our lives.

Wave of Love

“Wave of Love” is about letting go and enjoying being in God’s presence and love. It is about the experience of joy and freedom that comes with being unreservedly His.

All Yours

“All Yours” is a song of devotion to the Lord. It is about completely committing everything you are to Him.

From the Beginning

“From the Beginning” is about the call of God on our lives, which He planned from the time of creation. It is a song of recognition of who we are in the Lord and of stepping into His purpose for each of our lives.

All That I Want

For me, so much of my relationship with God involves the desire to do whatever He asks of me and to please and bless Him. “All That I Want” is about submitting yourself to God, in love, and being ready for whatever His purpose holds.

My Only Love

I wrote “My Only Love” for a dear friend’s wedding. Inspired by the idea of wedding vows, this song is just that for the Lord: it is a song of complete devotion to God and the desire to be close to Him.


“Reflection” is about the reflexive nature of true love and relationship the give and take. I believe that relationship with God should be the road map for all healthy, human relationships. We should strive to reflect His love and become more like Him both in our relationship with Him and with others.

The Beginning

“The Beginning” is about the constant newness in relationship with the Lord and about being completely found in Him. He is the answer to every need, and He is majestic in every way.

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