Kat Mills Releasing New Album 'Work In Progress'

Feb 06 2019

Kat Mills, a singer/songwriter from Surrey, UK, will release her new album 'Work In Progress' this Spring, featuring the new single 'Not Made Wrong', which is released on 18th February. Kat describers it as a mainstream album sharing a vulnerable journey through being misunderstood, lost in translation and coming to terms with and embracing being autistic.

Kat released her debut album 'Out of the Ashes' in May 2015 which comprises eight songs combining congregational worship and songs that encourage people in their walk with God. Her second album 'Voice of Truth' was released in June 2016, and was a Contemporary Christian album with eleven songs looking at speaking truth into ours lives.

"Music and song writing is my way of voicing what is on my heart, it is when I feel most effective in communication", explains Kat. "My heart behind this album is to give a frank view of some of the struggles and challenges I have faced over the years and to show others that they are not on their own, but most importantly remind them that they are not made wrong, they are not a mistake. It's also to encourage others to look deeper than what is on the surface - to become people who look for the diamonds in the rough.

The album is called ‘Work in progress’, because that is my reality. We are all works in progress and I have gone from initially understanding and embracing being autistic, to learning how to overcome the challenges that I face rather than defeated by them and no longer be crippled by them but overcome them. My faith is a hugely important aspect of all of this, as I daily rely on God's goodness and strength, and have seen so many breakthroughs. Yet it is a continuing journey.

The songs cover situations, or responses that I have journeyed through and I truly hope will reach and touch many people. Autism is a word that helps me understand how I work, why I process things in certain ways and helps me learn how to overcome many of these challenges. But it is not who I am, or the definition of me. This album, as well as a vulnerable journey, is a celebration of coming to a place of peace and joy in who I am, in feeling secure of my identity and in what I have to offer."

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