Rusty Shipp Return With 'Detonator' Single & Video

Oct 10 2019

After blasting through the summer with their visceral single 'Breaking Waves' and their rootsy spin on Audioslave's classic 'Show Me How To Live', Nashville rockers Rusty Shipp are back with another new single. The intricate riffs of 'Detonator' are meshed with punkish pop-rock melodies as the new song fully showcases their Dick Dale-meets-Nirvana surf-grunge aesthetic. It's lifted from their upcoming new album, 'Liquid Exorcist'.

"Detonator is our most 'surf rock' song to date, pulling ingredients right out of the 60’s craze like Beach Boys harmonies, Dick Dale’s reverb-drenched guitar sound and a surf organ" explains front man Russ T. Shipp on the new single. "There's a grunge undercurrent through the whole song, perhaps accentuated by all the bomb sound effects, and I think our fans will agree that there are few Rusty Shipp songs that solidify our title of 'Nautical Rock ’n’ Roll' more than this one. Lyrically, this is the definitive snapshot of our upcoming concept record Liquid Exorcist and really dives in (pun intended) to this forgotten story of sea mine terrorism in the 40’s from a first-person narrative."

Rusty Shipp's aim is to take up the torch passed down from rock legends of the past five decades and to hold it up in an age when mainstream music has seemed to give up on rock bands. They combinethe pop melodies and surf-rock guitars of The Beach Boys with the hard-hitting alt-rock sounds of Nirvana and Muse to craft songs distinguished by their unconventional riffs and addictive choruses.

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