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Michael Boggs of Brooke & Boggs spoke to LTTM about their 'Wildfire' album, and how the duo came together to produce music for the church community.

Tell us a little bit about this new album of yours?

I asked a friend of mine who the best worship leader in Nashville was. He said Brooke Voland. I had never heard of her before, but when I finally got a chance to see her lead, I knew my friend was right. I asked her to lead with our team at Kairos one night and she graciously accepted. I felt like that night I...
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Brooke & Boggs Releasing Debut EP 'Wildfire'
Mar 06 2017

Brooke & Boggs Releasing Debut EP 'Wildfire'

Brooke & Boggs will release their debut EP Wildfire on 31st March. As a member of one of Christian music’s most loved bands, FFH, Michael Boggs knows what it means to play to capacity arenas, have hit songs on the radio and…


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