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California based Hip Hop/Rap artist Gerry Skrillz releases his new EP 'Hundred Proof' on 5th October, following the release earlier this year of his 'Pray for Me' EP.

Gerry Skrillz engages in the art of music with the purpose of using the talents God has blessed him with to speak the Gospel through the art of hip hop. Gerry officially joined the "Die Daily" collective in 2016.

While The Die Daily Team is well known for their undeniable gathering of talent, the movement looks to do much more than just create...
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Gerry Skrillz Releases 'Pray For Me' EP
Mar 08 2018

Gerry Skrillz Releases 'Pray For Me' EP

Gerry Skrillz, a Hip Hop artist, born and raised in San Diego CA, has released his new EP 'Pray for Me'. Gerry's music persistently expresses his heart for the lost and those struggling through lower circumstances. He…

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