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Worship leader Elle (ELL-ee) Limebear, a fresh voice hailing from Brighton, UK, has just released her self titled EP. This talented young artist has been making waves both sides of the Atlantic with her well received series of infectious singles, so LTTM decided to catch up with her to find out a little more about what makes her tick! Read on to find out where the songs came from, expressing her personality through music, and how she was inspired by her famous Dad, Martin Smith, the lead singer from Delirious.

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Elle Limebear - Elle Limebear EP
Jun 18 2019

Elle Limebear - Elle Limebear EP

The LTTM 'Album Of The Week' is the 'Elle Limebear EP'.Title:Elle Limebear EPArtist:Elle LimebearReleased:07 Jun 2019



Elle Limebear - Lord You Have My Heart
Dec 05 2019

Elle Limebear - Lord You Have My Heart

As a massive Delirious fan, I tried to collect as many of their recordings as I could. I would get albums, live albums, singles, b-tracks, Delirious songs being covered, and much more. I don't think there isn't a D: song I…


Elle Limebear - Fly
Jun 22 2019

Elle Limebear - Fly

From her new self-titled EP, here is a video of Elle Limebear singing 'Fly' by the fireside.

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