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Lincoln Brewster returns with his new song, 'Who Am I?', the first single from his new album due later this year. 'Who Am I?' speaks to the omnipotent and omnipresent characteristics of God. And yet He desires to meet us where we are and engage in a unique relationship with each one of us. This song serves as encouragement and a reminder to the listener that God is constantly pursuing you and loves you unconditionally.

Who am I?
That you would think of me
Among a million stars
Shining in the night

Who am I?
That you would call me yours
And offer up your all
Just to...
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Free Song Download & Devotional From Lincoln Brewster
Jun 06 2018

Free Song Download & Devotional From Lincoln Brewster

Renowned worship leader and pastor Lincoln Brewster, known for church and radio favorites like “There Is Power,” “No One Like Our God,” “Everlasting God,” “God You Reign” and “Today Is The Day,” recently…



Lincoln Brewster - Oxygen
Sep 08 2014

Lincoln Brewster - Oxygen

California-based worship leader Lincoln Brewster has released his new album, 'Oxygen'. With so many years and albums under his belt, one thing you can say about Lincoln is that he really knows how to put together an album.…


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