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Orphan No More Co release their live album 'Even Now' on Friday 23rd October. "In November of last year our community gathered together in a recording studio in Epping Forest just outside London to document and record our debut album. These songs have led us through a deep season of grief and loss to the other side of redemption and hope.

Recorded live, the album captures the very heart and essence of our community; a group of individuals coming to together to share redemptive art that declares to each...
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UK-Based Orphan No More Releasing Debut Album 'Even Now'
Oct 10 2020

UK-Based Orphan No More Releasing Debut Album 'Even Now'

Orphan No More Co, a music collective based in Bath, England, announces the release of their live album, Even Now, on October 23. Leading up to the project's debut, three singles have dropped since July, "I Belong," "Roll My…

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